School Activities


Choir club produces two full productions each year. One before winter break and one in the spring. Students sing, act, and create life-long memories! Performances are posted to Facebook page.

We use math, literacy, and science skills while having fun in the kitchen. Aside from learning kitchen safety and techniques, we get to cook and eat snacks each week. We have enjoyed homemade bread, pasta, and apple pie-a-la-mode. We plant vegetable...

The Barsanti Robotics Club provides an opportunity for students to engage in innovation, creativity, and hands-on learning experiences. Students explore basic programming and engineering principals to envision possibilities, develop solutions, and co...

Students take an active role in helping with school activities; Flag, Can Food Drive, Ambassadors-to-the-School, and community projects that includes pen-paling with soldiers.

 The video club creates weekly broadcast that informs as well as entertain including content that centers around current events, the Pledge, the school mission, the vision statement, weather, lunch, and birthdays.

Meets on: Thursday

Meeting Time: 7:30 AM

Students take pictures, design and organize the Barsanti yearbook. Opportunities for purchasing is posted on the school Facebook page.

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